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Movies That are Tricks or Treats

October is here and we all know what that means… Christmas trees on display!

But that’s a topic for another time.

October is the time when the leaves change color and the wind becomes chilled. Time for Apple cider and pumpkin everything else. But most of all, it’s time for Halloween and horror movies.

Whether you love to be scared or make fun of poorly done effects, horror movies are a staple of the season. We all have our favorites of course but here are a few suggestions to broaden your horizons:


  • American Gothic – In this slasher-esq 80’s film, a group of friends are forced to land a plane on a deserted island when their vacation is detoured due to engine troubles. After setting up camp and deciding to explore the island, the friends eventually come across a house. When the owners of the house come home, the group soon realizes that something is amiss.


  • All Cheerleaders Die – Every horror movie marathon needs a cheesy tension-cutter and that is exactly what this movie is. The main character, Maddy, is harboring an understandable grudge towards Terry, the captain of her high school’s football team. She decides to infiltrate the cheerleading squad and use her new friends to get back at Terry. Her plans go awry when a mishap following a party ends with Maddy and her friends waking up dead.


  • Pumpkinhead – An 80’s horror flick that’ll made you look twice next time you head to a pumpkin patch, Pumpkinhead is a movie about a man seeking revenge. Ed Harley is grief-stricken when his young son is killed by a group of teenage campers riding motorcycles. He goes to see a witch, looking to bring his son back. The witch cannot resurrect the boy, but she can punish those responsible for his son’s death. Things go awry when Ed begins to feel remorse for his actions after revenge is served by a disfigured demon conjured up by the witch.


  • Session 9 – Set in a condemned mental institution, Session 9 is not widely known but is considered among fans and critics to be a cult film. A group of asbestos workers begin work on an asylum thanks to their team’s leader who is in a financial bind. While working, one team member finds a box filled with tapes from a doctor’s sessions with a patient suffering from multiple personality disorder. The tapes play throughout the movie as a string of horrific events unravel around the team.


  • Candy Man – Candy Man is a movie set around an urban legend resembling today’s  Bloody Mary. It’s just a story… right? The film shows a woman named Helen Lyle, a skeptic of folk lures, investigating the legend of the Candy Man. The legend says that if you repeat “Candy Man” five times while looking in the mirror, he will appear. Helen lands on a downward spiral as the lure begins to take over her life.
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What is ISIS?

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham also better known as ISIS. If you’ve seen the news, it’s obvious that ISIS poses a threat to us. But there are many people who haven’t even heard of the organization, let alone the fact that our country is involved with it. So… What exactly is ISIS?

ISIS started off as a splinter group of the terror organization al-Qaeda. Lead by a man called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is something of a mystery to us, the original goal of ISIS was to achieve an Islamic state (a government ruling under religious, Islamic law) across areas of Iraq and Syria. The group is fighting with both the Syrian and Iraqi government in order to gain control of territories.

The Middle East is not the only area affected by ISIS. Many other countries have been targeted by the terror group and this includes the United States. James Foley, an American journalist who went missing while in Syria in 2012, was featured in a video that surfaced in August of this year. The video ended in his death. Another video was then released featuring another man who was said to be a captured American journalist by the name of Steven Sotloff. The video was directed toward the United States, stating that if we did not cease air strikes on ISIS, they would kill Sotloff. Shortly after, another video showed that they had followed through with their threat.

The United States began air strikes due to the obvious threat posed by the group. ISIS pushing into the formerly secure, Kurdish territory of northern-Iraq is part of the reason for the US’s involvement. Groups of Sunni (a division of Islam) rebels led by ISIS have attacked and overtaken cities in Iraq such as Mosul (the third biggest city in Iraq) and Tikrit (the city where Saddam Hussein was born) through brutal massacres and gained four hundred million dollars through their attacks. The group continues to make millions of dollars a day in oil, giving them the means to grow and continue with their plans. The other main reason for United States being involved was the fear for the Yazidi people. The Yazidi is a religious community who have been persecuted in the past by al-Qaeda and now are receiving the same treatment from ISIS. At least ten thousand Yazidi civilians have fled their homes and hidden on Mount Sinjar, fearing their inevitable execution should they make themselves known.

The situation on Mount Sinjar has deescalated but that is far from the end. Obama’s new strategy for the fight expands the war dramatically. The US air strikes are no longer limited; they will be launched all over Iraq and now Syria as well. On September 22nd, US warplanes struck ISIS and al-Qaeda targets which began America’s involvement on ISIS’s other major front. There is no clear sign of when ISIS will cease their attacks and until then, the United States and other countries will continue their attempts to force an end.

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Looking for a Good Book?

If I Stay/Where She Went Book Review

[Note: This Review contains major spoilers]

Although the major motion picture If I Stay recently made $50,000,000 while in theatres, the book is arguably worth double that! If I Stay, written by Gale Forman, is narrated by a young Mia Hall, who is an extremely gifted cellist. The story begins at the end, with her slowly dying. While she is making her decision to stay or go, Mia takes us on flashbacks of her life, which gets us to understand her family dynamic, and how she met Adam, her boyfriend and Kim, her best friend. By the end of the novel, we have heard every story that has brought her to make her final choice.

Mia Hall was born into her family rock band, but wasn’t interested in her parents’ hard core music. Ever since she was young, she was fascinated with the cello, an instrument that weighed three times more than she did. Eventually she grew to be a phenomenal musician, practicing eight hours a day, and taking independent study at her high school in order to hone her craft. However, Mia’s best friend Kim points out that a popular rocker in their school, Adam, has been watching her play.

Adam starts to make conversation with Mia, and invites her to a YO-YO MA concert, which was Mia’s favorite cellist. This is when they decide to start dating, and fall madly in love. But unfortunately, their paths start heading in different directions two years later, when Mia applies to Julliard, and Adams band ‘Shooting Star’ starts touring the country. This causes a lot of tension and frustration between the two of them, considering they hardly saw each other, and were a part of separate crowds. During this rough patch, Mia’s family is driving to visit their grandparents on a snowy day, and get in a terrible car accident. Kat and Denny, Mia’s parents, die immediately. Teddy, Mia’s younger brother is taken to the hospital, but later bleeds internally and dies as well. This leaves Mia as the only surviving member of the Hall family. Although this is tragic enough, Mia is able to exist outside of her body and observe what is happening around her during the critical 24 hours after the wreck.This leads Mia to decide whether or not she wants to die, and live on with her family, or stay with Adam, Kim, her grandma and grandpa, and her Cello. The doctors tell her that everything is up to her at this point. She runs the show. After contemplating her decision through the entire book, Adam visits her in the ICU stating that he would do anything and everything to have Mia stay. He even writes her a song and promises to quit the band to follow her to Julliard. With this, Mia decided to stay living.

If I Stay has a perfect ending, leaving you to assume that they dealt with their grief together, and became a stronger couple than ever. Therefore, Where She Went, is a punch in the face to the reader.

This time, Adam narrates the story, and a lot has changed in the last three years. The sequel is told in the same format, starting at the end. However, he tells all of the missing pieces of what happened after the accident through flashbacks. We learn that Adam broke up with Mia. Once she was rehabilitated, she went off to Julliard, and insisted that Adam go continue Shooting Stars tours and recordings. She led him on to believe that they would stay together, but she eventually cut off all communication with him. Adam was devastated, and sat in his room, depressed, for almost a full year. He tried to contact her in every way, but she refused. Finally enough was enough, and Adam took his anger out in his music. He wrote ten brilliant songs all in one night, about Mia leaving him like a ghost. It was as if she died. These songs turned out to be the bands biggest hits, taking them from a college band, to world wide famous rock stars. Yet Adam is still miserable. He starts drinking, doing drugs, and taking far too many pills. His life is so empty without Mia, and the fact that all of the songs written about her made them famous drove him crazy! But one night, before Adam was flown out of the country to start his tour, he sees a poster in New York City, advertising Mia Hall, the classical music extraordinaire. She is having a one night only concert. Adam gets one of the last tickets available, and watches her perform. He figures just hearing her play may give him closure. She somehow spots him in the audience, and asks for him to meet her backstage. This leads to them seeing each other for the first time in three years.


They spend the whole night together, sight seeing, and catching up on lost time. Eventually Adam gets the courage to ask why she abandoned him out of the blue. This leads to a blow out fight, where Mia says that she hated Adam, because he made her stay. It would have been so much easier for her to die with her family, but she didn’t. He was the person she loved the most, and so all of the blame had to land on him.

You will need to pick up the book to find out how this saga ends.

I would give this book series an eight out of ten. Although it is written very basically, the storyline is beautiful, and the flashbacks are complex. I learned a lot from both novels, and was overly emotional while reading them. I would suggest If I Stay and Where She Went to anyone. They are fantastic novels that will make you appreciate your life. You will regret not reading them!

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Help Wanted?

As the temperature rises and students’ focus on schoolwork lowers, it is clear that we are nearing that magical time of year; a season incomparable to springtime or even the holidays. It is a season where the nights get longer and our list of worries gets shorter. Yes, day by day, hour by grueling hour, we are working our way closer to the glorious summer of 2014. And, while most of us (myself included) are busy planning how we will spend these 10 weeks of freedom, the last thing on our minds is employment. Therefore, your dedicated staff at the Rampage has worked tirelessly to compile this guide for summer employment opportunities best suited for Southern’s exceptional students.

As residents in proximity to a resort town we students have been given a unique opportunity that many other teens struggle with; an abundance of summer jobs. With all the different openings on and around LBI it can be a little daunting to some, so allow us to break them down into a few, bite-sized categories to allow you to decide which job you are best suited for.


Food Service:  Starting off with one of the most plentiful opportunities for employment is foodservice. This includes bussing and waiting tables, hosting/hostessing, cooking, and any kitchen work associated with working in a restaurant or eatery. In addition, more specialized eateries such as ice cream shops or snack stands are always seeking summer employees. Minimal to no training is needed depending on the equipment used. Hours are flexible due to large numbers or workers employed, and wages vary. For bussers/waiters, wages are minimal and most money is earned based on tips rather than solely a set hourly wage for a cook. This means that if you are interested in a job in this field, it is best to select an eatery that has a steady flow of customers to ensure you will be making decent tips.


Retail: Most summertime retail workers are employed at larger retail shops such as Wal-Mart or in smaller local clothing and niche tourist stores along the island. Tasks include stocking shelves, managing inventory, and helping customers. Again, little to no training is needed. This field is a bit slower paced for those who don’t want to work in the hectic, sweltering environment that is a restaurant in the summertime. Wages are fixed and are usually minimum wage at best for entry-level workers. Despite this, you would be wise to apply at stores you frequently shop at as they more often than not give out employee discounts that can make up for the pay drop.


Camps:  For the teen more interested in spending their summer outdoors than cooped inside, camp counselor may be for you. This job allows you to spend time outdoors, mentor younger kids and help them to develop new skills. Needless to say, patience and skill working with children is a must. Another pro of this job aside from all the time being paid to work outdoors is that it teaches many useful life skills such as conflict resolution as well as communication with other. Wages are also flexible, as well as hours, and some training may be required such as CPR.


Lifeguarding: The final job on our list (and my personal favorite) is lifeguarding at a pool or on the beach. Once again living near LBI gives us access to the six beach patrols that protect its beaches as well as several local swimming pools. Both positions require extensive training, a high maturity level and people skills, and most of all a level head. The tradeoff is the opportunity to protect the lives of thousands of people; a truly rewarding experience. Also, being paid to be on the beach for eight hours a day doesn’t hurt either. For ocean lifeguards, wages vary by patrol, but are set at a minimum and increase each continuous summer until the max is reached. Obviously much training is required including but not limited to; CPR, Emergency Response training, rescue techniques, and ocean safety courses.

In short, it is easy to see that there is no shortage of employment opportunities in our area for the summer. No matter what your personality or skillset, there is a job out there that is a good fit for you. But remember, it is not a career, just a summer job to help pay the bills, so don’t feel as though you’re there for life. We at the Rampage hope this guide has helped a bit in your search for summertime employment, and wish you the reader the best of luck in all your dog day endeavors.



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Dancing for a Cause

Published on April 8, 2014 by in Featured, News, SRSD

 This year Southern Regional hosted its first ever Danceathon.  This charity event helped to raise money in the fight against cancer with the money being donated to Oceans of Love.  Volunteers danced for twenty-four hours straight in Southern’s gym; they received money from a sponsor for each hour they participated. This year the dedicated volunteers raised over three thousand dollars to help battle cancer. While at the event contests were held for categories such as best costume(s) and best dancer(s).  The volunteers were provided with an assortment of donated food to keep them energized during their exhausting work.  To keep the volunteers entertained many performers volunteered their time to provide the dancers with a variety of acts.  The performers included were:  Guy Smiley, DJ MATTY MIX, a trio of Chris Fritz, RC Eberhard, and Gavin Cranmer, Southern Regional’s own The Double Negatives and the dance crew Digimental.  To see so many members of the community volunteer their time to help such a cause is truly amazing.  This idea sparked by the class of 2014 won’t die though as future Southern officers plan to turn this event into an annual tradition.

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Console Wars v2: Xbox One vx. PS4

  With the holiday season rapidly approaching, one hot item on many Christmas lists is sure to be one of the next-gen gaming consoles that have recently hit stores worldwide.  Sony released its next line of their flagship console, the PlayStation 4, November 15. Microsoft followed suit one week later with their Xbox One. It seems that the burning question on everyone’s minds will be: which console do I buy?! The two are very similar, and we here at the Rampage have the facts to help you decide which system is right for you. First off is the price point. Systems won’t come cheap, the PS4 retails at $399.99 and the Xbox One will set you back a whopping $499.99. At first glance the price difference seems drastic; however, this is due to the Xbox One being bundled with its motion sensor, the Kinect. As far as technical specs go, the PS4 is running on an 8-core, single-chip x86 AMD “Jaguar” processor, with 8GB of RAM and 500GB of internal storage. Comparatively, the Xbox one runs on an 8 Core Microsoft custom CPU, with 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive as well. Xbox one supports external storage in the form of a USB, but the PS4 is compatible with a removable Hard Drive that must be at least 160 GB. Both consoles also have storage capabilities on the Cloud.

In addition, much to the dismay of many gamers, neither console is backwards compatible with games from the previous generation (PS3 and Xbox 360). Other features include motion control:  supported by PS4’s “Eye” camera and Xbox One’s Kinect motion sensor. As far as online play is concerned, Sony offers PlayStation Plus which is comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox Live, both of which require a paid subscription. Both consoles, it seems, have much to offer in the realm of entertainment to the user; be it games, movies, music, and much, much more. What it eventually comes down to, is what suits your needs as a gamer better. We here at the Rampage hope this guide is of some aid to you in your tough decision.  Happy Gaming!

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Unique Gift Ideas for your Friends

It’s the Holidays Again….

…and you still haven’t gotten your best bud a gift! Well, here’s a list of some cool stuff you can get with $25 for your pal!

Bacon Beans Candy: Do you like Bacon? Do you like jelly beans?  Then how about some bacon beans? $5 from Urban Outfitters

Bubble Wrap Costume: A hooded jacket and pants made of bubble wrap. $20 from Urban Outfitters

World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie: A conveniently sized walkie talkie set of two is the perfect gift for anyone! $10 from Urban Outfitters

Henna Kit: Get artsy with this DIY henna tattoo kit. $10 from Urban Outfitters

Goateesaver: An adjustable shaving template used to create perfect goatees. $19.99 from Amazon

Bag of Zen: Om m g! Contains five charms to help you feel more zen. $15 from uncommongoods.com

Mini Terrarium Kit: Ah, the beauty of nature in a jar! So verde.  $16 from Anthropologie

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Baker’s Dozen

The Boy’s Cross Country team is one of the most consistently successful athletic programs at Southern Regional. Today, we sat down with Scott Baker, longtime coach of the boy’s program. Here is our “Baker’s Dozen”!



When did you start running?


Distance, about 6 years ago. However, in high school, I was a sprinter/pole vaulter.


How did you get your start in coaching?


When I first started teaching, one of the reasons I started teaching was to become a coach as well. I assisted Mr. Speck with the teams and it kind of snowballed from there.


What excites you the most about the team each year?


Watching the team develop and form a bond and transform through June to October.


What do you love about running?


Freedom. There are no strict rules that dictate how you have to run. If you’re out in the woods running on your own, you are challenging yourself. There’s a certain independence and self-challenge element that’s unlike any other sport.


What type of courses do you like to run on?


It depends. Sometimes, if I want a challenge, I like to run on a course with a lot of hills and uneven ground. However, if I were trying to get a faster time, I would prefer to run on a well-groomed flat course. It really all just depends on what my mood is.


A lot of people feel like cross-country is not a “spectator sport”, what is your opinion on this?


It’s never going to be one of those high-flying sports like football or basketball, you’re never going to have 50,000 people at a cross country event. Those that understand the sport can appreciate and follow the sport. I suppose there just isn’t enough exposure or awareness of the sport.




Is there anything that can be done to make it more spectator friendly?


Courses really dictate how spectator friendly a race can be. Places like Ocean County Park are very open and looping, which is very spectator friendly, however this isn’t always the best course for the runners.




Could you explain the brotherhood that has developed through the team over the years?


Every runner is different, and you want every one of your runners to look after one another, but that isn’t something that can be forced. It kind of just happens as the kids work together and develop a mutual respect and compassion for one another.



What has been your favorite moment in your coaching career?


There’s not one specific moment I can pin down, but I think the overall growth of each runner over the course of the season is pretty great to watch.


Historically, Southern has been a very successful program, what do you attribute this to?


The unity and brotherhood we mentioned before. Everyone on the team works their hardest, not for themselves, but for the team.


Is there anything frustrating about your job as a coach?


Having a team of around 50 or so kids is difficult because as a coach, it’s incredibly difficult to spend enough time with each individual kid, and I think that’s the most difficult thing about my job as a coach.


Do you ever listen to music during your run, if so, what kind?


I used to, but I found that I ran well without music, because I focused more on my breathing and footsteps, as odd as that sounds. When you listen to certain kinds of music, the rhythm and tempo of those songs will usually dictate your pace. Back when I did listen to music as I ran, I would listen to Rage Against The Machine, Jack Johnson, Dirty Heads, some Sublime, and some Kings of Leon.


You run with the team, but do you run in races outside of the school environment?


I am actually planning on running the John Entrikin 5K this year, but I don’t really run that many races because I utilize my time training with the team, so I kind of run vicariously through you guys.

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Creative Cosmetics Tips

Published on October 23, 2013 by in News, SRSD

Being a typical high school girl (doesn’t matter what grade!), many of us are slowly graduating towards enhancing our best features. While others just want to express their personality by how they look. Whatever the case is, whether you are experienced with cosmetics, or if you’re a beginner and want to enter, “the make-up world” then I has some excellent recommendations for you.  The items I do recommend, do fairly well in pigmentation (color payoff), staying power, and just overall, being amazing go- to products that can be simple to use, and very easy to apply. To make this, a little more exciting, most of these items are sold at drugstores. Meaning you can very easily obtain these products at Wal-mart, Target, K-mart, or even Walgreens! And these products are rather affordable.

The first recommendation is going to be a powder, which is Rimmel’s Stay Matte face powder. This product is amazing. It’s about $4 and the quality is outstanding for a low cost item. I use it, to see my concealer , and it takes away the shine , leaving a matte finish. This powder comes in several shades so there is a variety to choose from. The second item, would be a concealor, which would be Rimmel’s Hide the Blemish Concealer. This product is perfect for hiding blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. I use this every day, and it’s about $5, so a low price and well worth it. The third item would be, a blush, by the brand ELF(which stands for eyeslipsface). Each blush is $3 and the one I am recommending is the shade, Candid Coral. This color isn’t bright, not pink, but rather a very light peachy, coral with some shimmer. When you apply it to the apples of your cheeks, it gives your cheeks a good wash of color with some shimmer. It’s beautiful and this product can be found at Target.

The rest of the recommendations are going to be eye and lip products. Starting off with the eyes, the product I LOVE and want to share with you are the Maybelline color tattoos. They are cream eye shadows that LAST ALL DAY. They literally stay on all day. You can layer a powder eye shadow on top and use it as a base, or just wear it alone. There are a total of ten shades to choose from and I personally love all of them. Next, would be the recently new mascara by L’Oreal: The Butterfly Effect. This mascara is fabulous! It offers incredible length and a lot of volume. It definitely makes your eyes look wide awake and more flirtatious. I use the regular formula, but it comes in a waterproof formula so you have an option of what formula you prefer! Now, the lip product I’m recommending , I have been using since entering high school, it would be the Maybelline Color Whispers. There are a variety of colors to choose from:  Reds, pinks, nudes, and even some plum shades. They are moisturizing and feel amazing on the lips. My favorite is Coral Ambition, which is a sort of bright, pink coral color. But some shades in this collection are a bit sheerer than others, while others are extremely pigmented. It all depends on the shades, but I love these to death!

Hopefully, I helped you in starting your make-up collection/starting kit. Another way to learn more about certain products, is to go on YouTube. I watch many make-up tutorials which show you how to use the products in different ways. They also show videos about swatches of the colors to show you what the color looks like. You can always read reviews about products you’re interested in, because you can find very good feedback.

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Stay Tuned In to these Upcoming Artists

For those of you who are like me and never know when your favorite band’s album is coming out or when and where they are performing, look no farther.  This article will keep you up to date on all of your favorite bands’ performances and album releases!


October: Even though this is pretty last minute, you’ll probably want to know what’s going on for this month! On October 1st, Lightning Remixes by Matt and Kim comes out. On October 8th, the albums Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die by Panic at the Disco, Bangerz by Miley Cyrus, Tattoos by Jason Derulo,  and Paradigm Shift by Korn come out. On October 9th, Don’t Panic! by All Time Low comes out. Icon for Hire’s self-titled album and Pax•Am Day by Fall Out Boy come out on October 15th. On October 16th you can go to the Barclays Center to see Selena Gomez perform, and the next day go to the House of Blues in Atlantic City to catch Papa Roach. On October 21st Pearl Jam will be at the Wells Fargo Center, and from October 29th to November 7th Ed Sheeran will be playing at Madison Square Garden.


November: On the 5th, Eminem’s album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 comes out. Enjoy your last day of November break seeing Paramore at the Susquehanna Bank on the 8th! On the 11th, Lady Gaga’s album Artpop will be released, and two days later you can see Paramore again at Madison Square Garden. You can never get enough of Paramore! On the 19th, Chris Brown’s album X comes out. On November 23rd and 24th, Kanye West will be performing at Madison Square Garden. Last but not least, One Direction’s album Midnight Memories will hit the stores on the 24th.



If you want to save your money to see your favorite band, here are some concerts that will be taking place later on at Madison Square Garden.

On December 3rd, you can see Elton John and his band. On February 19th, Justin Timberlake will be there, and on February 21st, Lady Antebellum will be performing.


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